"A graphic designer that also is a morel mushroom hunter? That is exactly what I am looking for!" When Matt, owner of Native Morels, contacted me about branding his mushroom hunting company, I got massively hyped. Hunting morels is one of Haunted Gauntlet's favorite rainy, stormy April/May outdoor activities but I am not alone is this strange seasonal hobby. Native Morels has over 12,000 followers on Facebook/Instagram who think Morels are pretty neat and delicious too. Matt asked me to help create a logo that represents a global brand, that boldly says, "we are your definitive hub, for all things morel loving culture!". From photos, videos, recipes, stories, merch and more. The logo represents the often allusive yellow, and grey morels which can be found a few weeks out of the year and are considered a delicacy worldwide by chefs and mushroom devourers. I've been hunting these babies traditionally since I was a young one, and something tells me that more and more people will catch on to morel fever if Native Morels has anything to do with it.

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